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Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor

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Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor

Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor
Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor

Gambar besar :  Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor

Detail produk:
Tempat asal: Cina
Nama merek: HL
Nomor model: PC60-20/PC 60-25
Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:
Kuantitas min Order: 1 buah
Harga: Negotiation
Kemasan rincian: Packing dalam kasus kayu
Waktu pengiriman: 7 hari kerja setelah pembayaran diterima
Syarat-syarat pembayaran: D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Menyediakan kemampuan: 300000 buah / bulan

Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor

Proses: Pengecoran pasir berlapis / Pengecoran investasi Industri yang Berlaku: Pekerjaan konstruksi
Aplikasi: ground engaging tool. alat pengikat tanah. GET Parts DAPATKAN Suku Cadang Nama Produk: Adaptor gigi
kekerasan: HRC55-60 Menggunakan: pertambangan & konstruksi & alat pengangkut tanah
Excavator yang Cocok (ton):: 6 ton Model: PC60-20/PC 60-25
Cahaya Tinggi:

PC60-25 excavator bucket adaptor


Komatsu excavator bucket adaptor


PC60-20 bucket teeth and adapter

KOMATSU PC60-20 Opening /PC 60-25 Opening Excavator forged Bucket Adapter



In construction machinery,a bucket adaptor allows for a rapid cha nge in buckets onto the machine,saving time and money that would go into buying another machine with a different bucket.As with bucket teeth,the bucket adaptor is another wear part of excavator buckets.

To prevent faster wear, excavator bucket adapters are precision forged and their quality depends on special materials and workmanship.


Forged bucket teeth Forged adapter
model Part Number model Part Number
PC60/Flat tooth PC60201-70-24140 PC60-20/start to talk PC60-20
PC60/Sharp teeth PC60RC201-70-24140RC PC100-25/start to talk 202-70-12140-25
PC100/Flat tooth 20X-70-23161 PC200-30/start to talk 205-939-7120-30
PC100/Sharp teeth 20X-70-23161RC PC200-35/start to talk 205-939-7120-35
PC200/Flat tooth 205-70-19570 PC200-40/start to talk 205-939-7120-40
PC200/Sharp teeth 205-70-19570RC PC300-40/start to talk 207-939-3120-40
PC200/Bucket ice breaking teeth 205-70-19570TL PC300-45/start to talk 207-939-3120-45
PC300/Flat tooth 207-70-14151 PC300-50/start to talk 207-939-3120-50
PC300/Sharp teeth 207-70-14151RC PC300-40/start to talk/border checkpoint 207-939-3120-40
PC300/Bucket ice breaking teeth 207-70-14151TL PC300-50/start to talk/border checkpoint 207-939-3120-50
PC400/Flat tooth 208-70-14152 PC400-50/start to talk 208-939-3120-50
PC400/Sharp teeth 208-70-14152RC PC400-55/start to talk 208-939-3120-55
PC400/Bucket ice breaking teeth 208-70-14152TL PC400-60/start to talk 208-939-3120-60
PC650/Sharp teeth 209-70-54210RC PC400-50/start to talk/border checkpoint 208-939-3120-50
    PC400-55/start to talk/border checkpoint 208-939-3120-55
    PC400-60/start to talk/border checkpoint 208-939-3120-60

Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor 0Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor 1

Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor 2Komatsu PC60-20 PC60-25 Opening Excavator Bucket Adaptor 3


1. Are you a trader or a manufacturer?

We are a specialized machinery parts manufacturing company integrating product development, production, sales and service.


2. How to determine the parts are suitable for my excavator?

Please provide us with the correct model/machine serial number/any part number, or measure the part size, drawing.


3. What is your minimum order quantity?

There is no limit to this, it depends on the number of products you buy.


4. What are your advantages in the machinery manufacturing industry?

We have a strong spot inventory, fast delivery time, adopt the latest production technology and craftsmanship, high-quality products, and the best customer service.


5. How is the packaging of the goods?

Standard export packaging, wooden boxes, pallets, or according to customer requirements.


6. How long is the delivery time?

For products in stock, the delivery time is 2-7 days after the order is confirmed, and 15-25 days for other products. The specific need to communie and negotiate.


7. Can we customize products with our brand?

Of course, we welcome cooperation to customize OEM/ODM product services, which can be completed from design, production, packaging, and logistics.


8. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We usually accept T/T, L/C or Western Union. Other payment methods can also be negotiated.


9. Can you provide after-sales service?

Of course, we have professional after-sales technicians to help you solve the problems you encounter.


10. What other services can you provide?

10-1. Warranty for one year, free replacement for damage with abnormal wear.

10-2. Provide technical support to customers.

10-3. Help you develop the market.

10-4. Exclusive agent VIP treatment.


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